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Over 25 years experience of dealing with;

Litigation and Process/Summons Serving, within Ireland, N.I., & the U.K.

Acting on behalf of ;

Domestic & International Corporate & Private Legal Firms, Banks, Insurance Companies, County Councils and Government Agencies.

We also handle Hague Convention cases from Firms worldwide and liaise with our Associate Solicitors in Ireland, to comply with Hague Convention requirements.

Our Agents cover all 32 Counties of Ireland, and report to our central office, we endeavour to have your documents served within days of receiving your instructions.

All of our Summons Servers/Agents show courtesy, respect and professionalism, these are an integral part of our dealings with everybody and we are aware of the importance of these when representing our Clients. 

Based at various locations throughout Ireland, all our Summons Servers/Agents work exclusively for National Summons Servers, have at least ten years specialist experience in the field of effecting Serviceand are trained specifically in the Rules of the Irish Courts and Civil Law pertaining to the Service of all Court issued and other documents. 

Our Summons Servers/ Agents can operate on an out of hours basis, as required.

We are available 24/7, weekends and during holiday periods, to cater for your requirements. 

Communication is maintained through our Head Office where we co-ordinate activities and direct your instructions. 

Urgent service requests can be handled at short notice and we have considerable experience of dealing with short Notice documents such as Injunctions and Court Orders. 

summons servers all over Ireland